19/02/2010 08:39

CAG Musical to be Broadcast live online!

The Life We Knew

A Musical Production

Presented by the C.A.G. Choirs


Friday, February 19 @ 7pm

Saturday, February 20 @ 7pm
(7pm Central, 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific).




The upcoming musical performance by the C.A.G. Choirs will be available online in a similar way as the Elementary Christmas performance.  If you have friends and or relatives who would like to watch the performance you can communicate the following information to them:


Please direct your web browser to https://www.ustream.tv/channel/cag-thelifeweknew


They will be asked to enter a password, perhaps twice (just for fun).  The super secret password for both nights will be broadway





Missionaries with:


 "Neither a soft berth nor a hair shirt will do: God calls us to where our great joy meets the world's great need."

~Frederick Buechner~